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Detox Duo

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Cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt + Detangling gelée with sea minerals.

The perfect detox treatment for sensitive, itchy or oily scalp - now in travel size. For a purified, balanced scalp and healthier, stronger hair, full of vitality.

For: Sensitive scalps, oily scalps and damaged lengths 

When: Once or twice a week


Cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt:

Detox treatment:

  1. Apply the equivalent of a tablespoon on damp hair. Gently massage the scalp, add a trickle of water then lather, concentrating on the nape of the neck.
  2. Rinse thoroughly and apply a nourishing treatment on the lengths and ends depending on your hair's condition.
  3. Rinse thoroughly

Post-colour soothing treatment:

Ideal for eliminating chemical residues, which have become embedded on the scalp. Instantly soothes itching and calms irritation.

Detangling gelée with sea minerals:

  1. Apply on the scalp, lengths and ends.
  2. Emulsify, then rinse.