Meet Rebecca K

Hey there, my name is Rebecca Kelly and I am the salon co-ordinater at Brixton Parlour. I am originally from Ireland and have now been living in Canada for just over a year.
When living in Ireland I worked in a Hair Salon for almost 5 years, for the first 2 years I worked part time while attending hair school and  for 3 years after hair school, I worked full time as a Junior Stylist. I have always loved doing hair and always loved to be in the salon! 
When I moved to Canada I was unsure of what career I wanted to jump into so I spent some time working in other fields for a couple of months which then led me to a Hair Salon was 100% the place for me!
This is where I found myself joining the most amazing team at Brixton Parlour in March not as a Junior Stylist but as an assistant to all the talented staff.
I have a wide range of duties here at the salon which include, answering the phones, greeting clients, stock record, preparing clients, shampooing, colour applications, Blowdrying and so on!
I really enjoy getting to build a great relationship with each and every client and also being able to jump on and give a helping hand when needed!
I look forward to helping you being there for you from the second you make an appointment to the second you leave the salon!