Meet Our Team


Nicolette Cammalleri

Owner & Lead Stylist


Welcome! My name is Nicolette Cammalleri and I am the owner of Brixton Parlour. From the age of just 15 I found my passion in hair and decided to make it my life long career. Straight after high school I decided to start applying to hair schools and shortly after committed to attending the Donato Academy. During my time in hair school I was going back and forth of what kind of stylist I wanted to be and where that would take me and my career. I worked at some of the top rated salons in Toronto and some of the not so good ones learning endless life and career lessons which led me to finding a place that I could call home. When I began to work at Brixton Parlour in February of 2017 I knew that I would be there for a while, I began to understand what kind of hairstylist I wanted to be and suddenly found my self the confident young woman I had always dreamed of being. In October of 2018 I acquired Brixton Parlour making me the proud new owner allowing my dreams to come true. If you would have told 15 year old me that I would be where I am today, I probably would have laughed and said "I wish". This path has been nothing short of stressful, fun, exciting, filled with tears, laughter and a long path ahead but I am so grateful that I get to share my passion with the world and create beauty that goes so far beyond the chair I work in.

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Morgan Eden

New Talent Stylist


My name is Morgan and I am a New Talent Stylist and the Salon Operator here at Brixton Parlour and am so happy to be apart of this amazing team. I started my hair career just over 2 years ago and have been with Brixton Parlour for just a little over a year now.  

I have always had a passion for hair for as long as I can remember and even took the time to take a few courses during high school but decided not to take it further then that at the time.

I soon began to realize that I really enjoyed expressing myself through creativity, whether that was taking photos, designing packages or simply doing my own hair. As I graduated high school at the age of 17, feeling overwhelmed and having the many pressures of choosing a career path, I decided to give graphic design a try, it focus’ on designing and creating many more then one way and I felt like that was the best fit for me at the time.
I studied Graphic & Package design at Humber College for 4 years and graduated with honors in 2016. Very shortly after that I had my son, who is my greatest blessing and I was lucky enough to able to have a whole year off growing and learning with and from him lessons that no course could teach you. Having my son put my career on hold temporarily and gave me some time to think about what I really wanted to do as a life long career.
As the world of social media grew I came across more and more photos of hair and the art behind it and realized that I wanted my high school hobby to be much more then just that. Through hard work and perseverance while working part time, being in school full time and taking care of my son, I accomplished what once seemed impossible - I graduated from Marca College of Hair and Esthetics.

Making people feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin (and hair) is the best feeling in the world and I strive to do that for my clients (and you) every day. I look forward to meeting you and making you feel and look like an enhanced version of your beautiful self.

Check out my work and connect with me through Instagram @hairbymorgaan & @brixtonparlour