Sunday's Company Apothecary

Sunday’s Company is rooted in the idea of slow living… slow beauty. Botanical and herb-based body care is created using the whole plant. This is vastly different, more potent, and more sustainable than relying on essential oils to do the work. As much as possible, the plants and herbs used in my products are harvested from my land or ethically gathered from the bountiful forests, meadows and properties in my community of Trent Hills, Ontario.

Every aspect of these products are lovingly and intentionally handmade. My hands are the heart and soul of my work. They harvest, they process, they infuse, they shake, and stir, and pour. They strain the oil, after 8 weeks of being infused, and they turn that oil into medicine for your skin and soul.

I bottle, label and package each and every item. I am the portal in getting the Earth’s gifts into your hands, so that you can tend to yourself, and be close with the plants- to feel how they become more than just an oil that you lay on your body. They are medicine. They are energy. They heal.



In 2013, my partner and I (with our pack of dogs) moved from our stressful lives in Toronto in order to adopt a simpler, unhurried one— surrounded by nature, wildlife, and like-minded people.

What I thought might be a slow transition into this new world, ending up being a natural process for me. I was home, and slow living had been in my blood all along. About a year after my move, I was still commuting to Toronto in order to support us financially, and I yearned to find something that pulled at my heart strings- something that would allow me to quit my part-time commuting gig.

One day, while participating in a foraging workshop, picking “weeds” in a meadow, my intuition made it very clear that I was meant to be among those plants. The love affair began, and my life was forever changed. I began studying herbalism, and it was the skincare aspect in which I enveloped myself. I loathed fussy routines, and I was frustrated with all the greenwashing in the self-care industry. And so, Sunday's Company was born with the hope of providing you with products that I would be proud to use— products that were so simple in their concept, yet undeniably potent in their effects. Through the years, this idea has evolved into something so much bigger. 

Welcome to Sunday’s Company. Thank you for stopping by, and hearing my story. I invite you to look around, learn about my offerings, and (hopefully) find something that resonates with you.


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