Silk Scrunchies, Pillow Cases & Accessories

Local brands & artists driven by passion and executed with only the highest quality materials! Enjoy our array of amazing silk accessories. 
The concept behind HoneyLux accessories is simple: to craft beautiful, luxury-quality pieces that make you feel confident about daily hair-care and self-care routines. At HoneyLux, we strive to make every woman feel pampered and luxurious by perfecting even the smallest of details.  Lastly, we wanted to 
"Let Real Silk Do The Work".

Founder, Oana, has always been passionate about luxury accessories and high-quality fabrics. Throughout the years, the quality of clothing and accessories has reflected in its cost, but today, good quality often comes with a hefty price tag. We at HoneyLux wanted to use one of the most luxurious natural fibers, Silk, and combine both fashion and haircare at an affordable cost for our clients. 

I created Sewn by Sarah during the COVID -19 Pandemic. As a student stuck at home with no summer job, I decided to use my love for scrunchies and fashion to create my own brand. With the help of my Mom and Nonna I learned how to sew and Sewn by Sarah was born. 

We are a Canadian based company that aspires to give our customers with any hair type the trendiest products with the best quality for a fair price.

We hope you love our products as much as we do! 



 Silk accessories are a simple luxury with enormous benefits.

Silk is the toughest and most luxurious natural fiber in the world and provides countless hair and skin benefits. It is a protein fiber with 18 kinds of amino acids which creates a smooth surface, reducing friction on the hair which prevents creasing and damage to the hair. It's antibacterial properties also help keep skin clean, moisturized and reduces wrinkles due to its frictionless finish. 
Silk holds up to 30% of its weight in moisture, and thus helps reduce frizz and keep hair moisturized.

Silk Scrunchies Regular Hair Elastics 

✓ Holds hair up with no slipping

✓ Holds Hair Up 

✓ No snagging or tangling

X Snags and tangles on hair

✓ Fibers release any friction & reduce frizz

X Creates friction

✓ Crease free hair even throughout the night
X Creates creasing and hair kinks

✓ Avoids hair breakage and slides off hair

X Allows for breakage (especially when removing from hair)

✓ Absorbs moisture and moisturizes hair

X Can easily be tied tight to cause damage

✓High quality elastic keeps elasticity long term

X Loses elasticity quick 

✓Doubles as a luxurious accessory 



 Silk is one of the toughest natural fibers in the world, but that does not mean it cannot get damaged on the surface or from the seams.
Avoid tight ponytails, as this may create creasing and possible damage to your silk scrunchie. A "double" tie around is best, as silk scrunchies are made for a comfortable, damage-free hairstyle.
If you have tied your HoneyLux scrunchie very tight, and creasing has occurred, use a blowdryer, iron or steamer on low to reduce creasing. 

  •  Hand-wash your silk using a small amount of neutral detergent (as as a detergent for washing fruits and vegetables
  •  DO NOT use powdered or washing soap
  • Wash it with water at 30⁰C or below and do not soak for more than 5 minutes.
  • Gently wash and rinse silk by hand (do not wring them out)
  • To dry - air dry or use a blowdryer on low
  • To eliminate creasing, steam scrunchies every few weeks