As a young teen all the way to becoming a woman, blogging was something that I thought was super intimating - yet the desire to try forever lingered in my imagination. After buying Brixton Parlour in the fall of 2018 I tried to find that balance between my goals within the salon and my goals in my personal life. I saw other salon owners who were working all the time, killing it in the salon and being so busy all the time and then on their days off they would go do editorial work or something else hair related but sometimes complained that they didn't have time to workout or maybe spend time doing other things. Others didn't even do much hair anymore and just ran their salons but they were always working and maybe they wished that they were behind the chair more.

For many months and better yet the last 2 years I watched, asked and listened to the way that others found there balance. Some had it all along and some still hadn't found it. After a year and a half of owning my own business and now facing the very real pandemic of Covid-19, the balance has all become very clear to me. Finding balance is never about creating a schedule to control your life but rather allowing your self to control the things you can and let go of the things you can not.

With this I invite you to grow with our community and enjoy our blog page as I and We document our life in and out of the salon, review local restaurants and small businesses to help our community grow - share new products, recipes, hair hacks and share all the ups and downs of what it has taken us to get here today and what drives us to see tomorrow and our future endeavors.



xo Nicolette












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